Renting in Australia - Important Information

Most rental accommodation in Australia is rented through a Real Estate Agency!
A Real Estate Agency does not own the property but acts on behalf of the owner by employing a manager of the property, called a Property Manager, to organise the new tenants, ensure all the paperwork and legal documents are taken care of, arrange regular property inspections and organise for any problems with the property to be fixed.

Renting in Australia – Important Information

  • Some Real Estate Agencies require a deposit to be paid with your rental application. This is refundable should your application be unsuccessful, however in the meantime you’re without the money so you will need to allow for this in case you apply for a few properties at the same time.


  • Leases in Australia are generally 6 or 12 months long. Shorter leases do come around every now and again but they are rare. You are legally responsible for paying the lease for the entire period of tenancy even if you vacate so be careful when signing long leases and only do so if you are absolutely certain that your circumstances and needs won’t change.

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