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Government Benefits – NZ and Australia
Government Benefits – NZ and Australia We all need some help sometimes! Whether it’s because you’ve been injured, just had a baby or can’t work anymore, most of the time...
Centrelink and Kiwis
Centrelink and Kiwis – What Is It and How Does It Work? Let’s start with the basics – the Australian agency that is responsible for government benefits and payments is...
Payments – Available to All
Government Assistance in Australia – Available to Everyone There is a short list of benefits that everyone in Australia is able to claim – so it doesn’t matter how you’re...
Age Pension for Kiwis in Australia
Age Pension for Kiwis in Australia The age pension in Australia is roughly equivalent to NZ Superannuation. The age pension has the following requirements: Must be 65 years old or...
Disability Support Pension in Australia
Disability Support Pension in Australia To claim the Disability Support pension, you must be classified by the Australian government as “severely disabled”. This can be a physical, psychiatric or intellectual...
Carer’s Pension in Australia
Carer’s Pension in Australia To receive the Carer’s pension in Australia, you must be the primary carer for a partner who is receiving the Disability Support pension. You must have...


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