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Shortcut to Citizenship for Some NZ 189 Visa Holders

Shortcut to Citizenship for Some NZ 189 Visa Holders Are you eligible for Australian citizenship earlier than expected? Exciting news for some NZ 189 visa holders and applicants. If you…

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Australian Government ‘Considers Improved Residency and Citizenship Pathways for Kiwis’

NZ Subclass 189 Permanent Residency applications are temporarily on hold, but new and improved options could be on the way. The Australian Government has placed a temporary hold on applications…

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Income Changes for 189 New Zealand Stream Visa

The new financial year brought changes for the 189 New Zealand stream visa. It is now easier than ever for New Zealand citizens to qualify for permanent residency in Australia. Update…

Should New Zealanders apply for Australian PR?

If you can already live and work in Australia, is permanent residency still worth applying for? New Zealanders can live and work in Australia as special category visa (SCV) holders,…

When a Case Officer Checks Your Social Media

It’s not unusual for a case officer to check your social media accounts when deciding on your application. Within the industry, it is common knowledge that Case Officers can –…


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