shortcut to citizenship

Shortcut to Citizenship for Some NZ 189 Visa Holders

Are you eligible for Australian citizenship earlier than expected?

Exciting news for some NZ 189 visa holders and applicants. If you hold this type of Australian permanent residency visa, you may qualify for Australian citizenship earlier than anticipated.

Legislation passed last month where New Zealand citizens (444 holders) granted 189 (NZ Stream) visas after 31 December 2021 and before 1 July 2023 are taken to have become Australian permanent residents on 1 January 2022.

What does this mean?

Normally, a citizenship applicant must have been living in Australia for a minimum of four years and have held permanent residency for at least 12 months before applying.

The new legislation represents a significant concession and demonstrates the strong relationship between our two nations.

Example Scenarios

  1. Ben received his NZ 189 visa in January 2023 and is eligible for citizenship already.
  2. Samantha applied for her NZ 189 visa in June 2022. Her visa is granted in March 2023; she is immediately eligible to apply for citizenship.

There are many benefits to Australian citizenship, including voting rights and eligibility for certain Government jobs.

Children of NZ 189 Visa Applications

Children born in Australia between 1 January and before 30 June 2023, before the grant of their parent’s NZ 189 permanent residency visa, and if the visa is approved between 1 January 2022 and 30 June 2023, are entitled to apply for proof of citizenship.

Making Your Application

This is a huge opportunity to secure Australian citizenship prematurely and we encourage anyone eligible to apply at the earliest opportunity. Our friends at True Blue Migration Services can assess your eligibility for free. Email or complete their free online assessment form.

No New NZ 189 Applications

This arrangement is only open to eligible existing NZ 189 holders and applicants with visas pending (that are granted prior to 1 July 2023).

New applications for this visa subclass were temporarily placed on hold last year whilst the Government considers new options and pathways that reflect the “very positive contribution New Zealanders make in Australia”.

We look forward to learning more about these new and improved offerings, but in the meantime, run – don’t walk – if you’re eligible to apply for Australian citizenship.

shortcut to citizenship
shortcut to citizenship

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