migration & visa services
migration & visa services

New Australian Citizenship Pathway for New Zealanders

A new fast-track to Australian citizenship has been announced. New Zealanders living in Australia no longer need to become Australian permanent residents before applying for Australian citizenship. This represents a…

migration & visa services

Australian Citizenship

If you’ve been settled in Australia for over four years, you may be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship now or in the very near future. The first thing you…

migration & visa services

Partner Visas for Kiwis in Australia

If you hold a 444 visa and you’re in a relationship with an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident, you may be eligible for an onshore partner visa. You…

Resident Return Visa

New Zealand citizens who entered Australia before 1 September 1994 may be eligible for a Resident Return Visa (RRV). A RRV is essentially a ‘travel facility’ granted to Australian permanent residents which…

Family Visas in Australia for New Zealanders

461 visa eligibility If you hold a NZ 444 visa and you are in a relationship with an overseas national, you may be able to sponsor them on a Subclass…


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