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Kia ora and welcome to the most valuable website ever built for Kiwis moving to and living in Australia.
For more than 70 years, New Zealand citizens have been crossing the Pacific to give life in Australia a go. Jumping the ditch has become so popular that it is considered a very normal part of a New Zealand citizens life journey.

NZRelo, the name, comes from a mix of the word ‘relocation’ and ‘New Zealand’ the name stands for Kiwis who want to relocate. Sounds a bit backwards, we know… but it’s what we came up with over 11 years ago.

Our Purpose

NZRelo has been crafted specifically for our kiwi community. The purpose of the platform is to ensure that kiwis crossing can arrive educated, informed, and prepared. The mission from day one has been to provide a preventative mindset to those leaving Aotearoa.

We save our members countless time and money by ensuring they avoid making mistakes that so many learnt the hard way.

Our Why

Why is a preventive mindset so imperative you may ask? Too often we have seen countless un-organised Kiwis run into big problems that result in moving back home or becoming homeless.

Our New Zealanders run into these problems because of the below.

  • Easy entry into Australia (Automatic issuance SCV 444) visa
  • No access to Australian Government assistance or benefits for non-citizens
  • No assistance from the New Zealand Government
  • Lack of income protection insurance
  • Under-estimating the competitive employment market in a country with 26 million.
  • A bad wrap from the old ‘Kiwi Dole Bludger’ label
  • Thinking they can cash in their KiwiSaver or access their Super quickly, under hardship.

New Zealanders moving to Australia find themselves stuck between two governments that can not assist them should they fall on difficult times. NZRelo is essentially a very large citizens advice bureau.

So, what do we do?

We source and select the best products and services for our members by collaborating with professional, certified, and licensed companies. Our partnerships give our community the best deals, discounts, resources, and free services that would usually come at a cost.

At NZRelo, we're selective about our partnerships. Our priority is our members, and that means ensuring that any partner we choose is not only reputable but also dedicated to solving a problem within our NZ community.

We look for partners who are committed to offering genuine value and who can demonstrate a willingness to go the extra mile in their service.

Furthermore, our partners undergo special training and often end up developing custom departments to cater to our New Zealand brothers and sisters. In many circumstances our partners hire New Zealanders too.

What can you do on NZRelo?

Get employed, search 100,000 Jobs, transfer your KiwiSaver, apply for citizenship, win tickets to a Katchafire show, get car finance, rent cars, transfer money internationally (fee free), access storage, ship your belongings, learn Te reo, search NZ events happening in Australia, ship your vehicle or motor bike, chat live with our service providers and much much more.

No one likes a show off!

NZRelo is the currently the 4th largest employment search engine in Australia, we have the largest privately own database of kiwis living in Australia, our organic monthly traffic is over 140,000 visitors per month and growing. Our social networks are colossal and humming with engagement.

Key to Success

Our success all started from building a platform that solved large scale problems for a wider community, we needed a platform that would be utilised and engaged with long after a member had made their relocation to Australia.

About our founder

NZRelo is the brainchild of Mark Berger, who grew up in Taranaki on the west coast of New Zealand. Mark was kicked out of home and school when he was 13, with no guidance, education, or family structure.

Marks journey of survival is what has made NZRelo what it is today. A complete collection of how to guides, resources, products and services that provide all of its members with a chance at a better quality of life.


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