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87% of NZRelo members who return home forget to start the process of finding, combining and bringing their Superannuation home to KiwiSaver. For this reason we went on a quest to vet the 29 NZ KiwiSaver Schemes.

Introducing the leading digital KiwiSaver provider, kōura.

Setting up a KiwiSaver account with kōura is easy, and can be done in four simple steps.

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Why transfer your Australian super?

If you’re tossing up whether to transfer your Australian Super back to NZ to invest in a KiwiSaver, what are the benefits? While you can leave it in AU and make your own voluntary contributions, there are some good reasons to consider bringing your Aussie super home:

Having all of your retirement savings in one place and one currency means you’ll always know where you’re at financially in your home currency, and you’re less likely to forget about it.

You usually pay management fees or charges on investments, combining your funds may reduce the overall amount you pay

There can be benefits to having your investments in a New Zealand based investment scheme due to the PIE tax structure that is available.

When choosing a KiwiSaver provider, what should you look for?

Asset allocation refers to the mix of investments you have (e.g. some higher risk, some lower). Most KiwiSaver providers generally lump you into three asset allocation classes such as “Growth” (higher risk), “Balanced” (less risky), “Conservative” (lower risk). kōura believes not everyone fits into these categories and therefore provides the ability to create a portfolio that is tailored to you.

There can be management, administration and a performance fees when it comes to KiwiSaver, and over your life time those fees can add up to thousands and thousands of. So if you’re considering a higher priced provider, it’s best to understand what extra value you’re getting in return . Lower fees don’t reflect a KiwiSaver providers quality, and generally lead to higher long-term returns.

Invest for your retirement and also the kind of world you want to be living in when you’re retired. Take the time to understand what industries and markets your KiwiSaver provider invests in, and whether you agree with those investments.



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