Renting in Australia - How It Works

Most rental accommodation in Australia is rented through a Real Estate Agency!
A Real Estate Agency does not own the property but acts on behalf of the owner by employing a manager of the property, called a Property Manager, to organise the new tenants, ensure all the paperwork and legal documents are taken care of, arrange regular property inspections and organise for any problems with the property to be fixed.

Renting in Australia

How It Works

The Property Manager will hand over the rental applications to the landlord for them to make the final decision as to who lives in their property. If the Property Manager has anything to note about you it will be at this stage they can see their observations, so dress nicely, act professionally and be courteous when you meet the Property Manager.

Credit history checks will be done and your name entered into one of the national tenancy databases to ascertain if you have been blacklisted before. The credit checks will check only your Australian Credit History. They can be state or Australia-Wide checks, depending on the Real Estate Agency. Subscription to credit checking services is costly. Smaller, boutique agencies will not have the credit-checking abilities of a national Real Estate Agency chain. Bare that in mind if you are unsure of your credit rating.

Provide photocopies ONLY! Don’t ever provide original documents as you will not receive them back.


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