Banks and Money - Useful Info About Cash/Debit Cards

Banks and Money – Useful Info About Cash/Debit Cards

  • A cash/debit card allows you to withdraw up to around $800-$1000 per day from ATMs 24/7.


  • The freedom from queues, bank tellers and bank opening hours provided by cash/debit cards in invaluable, so you should think twice before opening an account with a bank or building society that doesn’t provide ATMs locally.


  • Cash/debit cards can also be used at petrol stations, supermarkets, most retail outlets, hotels, in taxis, restaurants and some public phones.


  • After activating your account and completing the ID check it can take up to 7 business days for your Personal Identification Number (PIN) (that you use to access funds with your card) to arrive in the mail. Your debit card arrives separately and can take up to 10 business days to arrive in the mail. Until you have those two things you can only withdraw funds from your account over the counter inside a branch.
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  1. Billies 4 months ago

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