Age Pension for Kiwis in Australia

Age Pension for Kiwis in Australia

The age pension in Australia is roughly equivalent to NZ Superannuation. The age pension has the following requirements:

  • Must be 65 years old or older; and
  • Have been residing in Australia AND/OR New Zealand for at least 10 years.

As Australia and New Zealand have a reciprocal agreement, periods of time spent in both Australia and New Zealand between 20 and 64 years of age (for example, 2 years in New Zealand and 8 years in Australia will mean that you can qualify). However, you need to have entered Australia on a New Zealand passport.

Asset/Income Testing

This is a payment that is asset and income tested, unlike NZ Superannuation. If you exceed the asset/income “limit” (for example, own too many properties or make too much per year if you are still working), you may not be able to receive the Australian age pension or may have your payments reduced.   This also extends to receiving NZ Superannuation while in Australia – according to Australian regulations, the amount you receive from both NZ Superannuation and the Australian age pension cannot exceed what you would receive from just the Australian age pension without being adjusted accordingly.

  1. Doralee Harimate 5 years ago

    Hi i have my inlaws who are about to move in with us as they both have no income and have been told by their doctor that they cannot work due to health reasons. They moved to Sydney in 2008 my mother inlaw is 63years and my father inlaw is 60 is there anything we can do to get some help?

  2. Ngaire 2 years ago

    Hi there,

    My mum and I are moving back to Brisabne in the early to late february. My question is regarding my mum as she is a pensioner 82 years of age, recieves the pension here from Wings and I believe New Zealand and Australia pay hald of her pension. She will be living with me and I will be looking after her.
    I am a australian citizen, my mum has lived in Australia a long time agao.

    What would we need to do once in brisbane to apply for her pension?
    And is there a stand down for her, how long would that be?

    • Sheryll Anderson 12 months ago

      NZ a continues to pay her NZ Super aka Pension for 26 weeks after she leaves NZ. First thing to do before she leaves is find out her old Aust Tax Number. And Medicare if it was available when she was here. Or apply for new Tax Number using your address. You’ve got 26 weeks so go for it. When dealing with Centre link do not use the word Super in any way when referring to her NZ government paid Super. The workers are so hyper vigilant to thinking NZ Super is the equivalent of Australian Private Superannuation and will try to asset test her. Before you leave NZ a make a list and add up the total value everything she owns. Give stuff away if you have to. The Form you need is Foreign Pension Claim (INTRQ1). There is another Form for you to be her Nominated Person to help her. Ask for that too. Make sure you get anything you take into Centrelink dated stated by them and a copy before you leave. Record as in keep a timeline all conversations and calls, time, date and ask for full name of person you talk to. You could call 01800150479 which is the Centrelink International Pensions in Hobart. Generally the staff are helpful.

  3. Canea 1 year ago

    Hi there,
    Is there a website, or someone who can help me fill out the necessary paperwork for aged pensioners for New Zealanders living in Australia. Kind Regards

  4. Val 1 year ago

    Did anyone get a reply to their questions?

  5. Kerry 8 months ago

    Hi, question: my mom lives in NZ, we have all had citizenship in NZ for around 10 years. We live in Perth and my mom would love to join us, she is 63. My question is would she also be able to apply for AU citizenship under the new rule? Also at the age of 66 would she qualify for Australia pension? Many many thanks Kerry

  6. Harim Alex Lee 6 months ago

    Hi, does Centerlink track bank transactions took place in New Zealand before moving to Australia as a part of their asset test for pension?

  7. Benjamin Davis 6 months ago

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  8. belric 5 months ago

    Hi, I am 67 years old. Will I get Australian pension if I am a NZ Citizen for 27 years, I moved to Australia 3 years ago on a Special Category Visa. I am an Australian taxpayer. Centrelink could not give me an answer, how frustrating. I qualified for Kiwi pension at age 65 before I left NZ, but moved over to Aussie and lost out.
    Alternatively will I qualify for Aussie Govt pension if I apply for Aus Citizenship under the new changes.
    Thank you in advance.

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