Rules for Use of Forum, Groups and Instant Messaging


  • NZRELO.COM.AU PTY. LTD. ACN 601 392 661 (NZRelo) is a company, located in Australia, that provides a complete one stop shop website catering to New Zealanders living in Australia or for those who want live in Australia, move to Australia or are planning to move home. NZRelo bridges the gap by connecting people with homes to live in, products they need for their new home, jobs for a stable income, forums, classifieds, information on events and promotions, clear instructions and resourced information about living in Australia and much, much more.
  • These Rules for Use of Forum, Groups and Instant Messaging (Rules) govern the use of the NZRelo website (Website) and the various services available via that Website.
  • These rules set out the “netiquette” which we expect you to abide by when using our forum or instant messaging. If you would like some more information about netiquette, please visit this link
  • To post on the Forum or use the Instant Messaging you will need to create a User Account. You are responsible for the safety and security of your User Account and anything done in connection with that account.
  • By posting on the forum, it the groups or using the instant messaging you agree to be bound by these Rules; if you do not agree, do not use the post or use the Website.
  • These Rules for the Website are in addition to NZRelo terms and conditions of trade which can be found here.
  • These Rules are in addition to the NZRelo Privacy Policy which can be found here.
  • These Rules are in addition to the NZRelo Terms of Use of Website which can be found here.
  • If you have questions or concerns regarding these Rules, you should first contact NZRelo on


  • Advertising – Advertising is not permitted within the Forum or by Instant Messaging.
    1. If you are an individual and wish to advertise, you will need to use the For Sale section.
    2. If you are a business you will need to purchase an Advertising Subscription to enable you to advertise within the For Sale section.
  • Advice – You must not post legal, financial, medical or other professional advice that may result in a detriment to any user. Equally you should not rely on any advice someone posts in the Forum or on Instant Messaging. You should not tell others not to seek professional advice. NZRelo specifically disclaims any liability for anything you do based on posts of other users on the Forums or in Instant Messaging.
  • Bumping – Bumping is only allowed once per thread. Moderators can bump a thread for administration purposes more than once.
  • Capitals – Please do not use excessive capitals as it denotes yelling and if therefore not appropriate behaviour.
  • Censorship – Moderators are permitted to edit or delete any post (thread or comments) for censorship in the interests of fairness and balance.
  • Charities – Any charities or charitable organisations must have their intended post seeking donations/volunteers approved by the Moderators before posting.
  • Contempt of Court – You must not knowingly discuss legal proceedings or events which are the subject of legal proceedings. If you know details of a matter which is before the courts, you must not discuss the details or make any comment about their innocence or guilt (or otherwise).
  • Dangerous and Illegal Behaviour – Any posts discussing, suggestion or linking dangerous or illegal behaviour are not permitted and will be deleted.
  • Decisions and Determinations – Any decision or determination made by a moderator about a post or thread or a User Account or a User is final. There is no right of appeal. If you want to know why a thread has been locked or deleted you should message a moderator and not open a thread asking why, this will also be locked and deleted.
  • Defamation – You cannot defame someone. Any posts that are considered defamatory will be deleted.
  • Deleting User Accounts – User Accounts will only be deleted at the discretion of the Moderators upon request. If you want to delete your posts/threads, you will need to do so one by one. Deleting your User Account does not delete your posts. While you can and we might delete posts, NZRelo has no control over search engines which cache pages.
  • Discrimination or Harassment – You must not discriminate against other person. Grounds of Discrimination include but are not limited to age, sport, mental, intellectual or psychiatric disability, medical record, nationality/race, criminal record, physical disability, impairment, sexual orientation, marital status, trade union activity, employment, education (or lack of), religion, pregnancy and breast feeding, family responsibility or family status. Posts or threads which are discriminatory or harassing will be deleted.
  • Ghost or Shared Accounts – Ghost accounts (alternative accounts) or shared accounts between any number of people are not permitted.
  • Indecent, Obscene or Inappropriate Content – You must not post anything unlawful, obscene, defamatory, indecent, offensive or inappropriate. This includes but is not limited to images, or links to, pornographic or offensive images. Any posts or threads breaching this rule will be deleted.
  • Instant Message – Do not reproduce anything said in an instant message.
  • Locked Threads – If a thread has been locked, do not start another thread with a similar topic as it will also be locked and possibly deleted.
  • Ownership – Anything you post on the Website is owned by NZRelo.
  • Personal Attacks, Aggressive Behaviour, Inflammatory Remarks – Are not permitted. You are not allowed to antagonise, intimidate, harass, insult or bully another user. If you disagree with another user, argue the idea or comment and not the person. Any posts or threads in breach of this rule will be deleted.
  • Personal Information – Despite our best intentions nothing you post on the internet is secure. Therefore do not post personal information online whether it belongs to you or not; it is dangerous.
  • Profanity – Profanity is not permitted, including in User Account names. You are not permitted to use symbols or other letters to obfuscate the word you are attempting to use.
  • Reporting – Please use our report buttons to report posts which you consider are in breach of these Rules.
  • Spamming, Flooding or Cross-posting – any posts or threads of this nature are not permitted and will be deleted.
  • Thread Titles – Please ensure your thread titles are not misleading and directly relate to the topic you are posting about. Please do not use attention grabbing titles. If your topic contains something which another user might considered distressing please post *warning may be distressing* in the title.
  • Trading, Buying or Selling – is not permitted within the forum. You must advertise in the For Sale section of the Website.
  • Trolls and Flame Wars – Making intentionally inflammatory remarks to incite conflict, offense, controversy or annoyance is considered trolling and will not be tolerated. Any posts or threads of this nature will be deleted.

What happens if you break the rules?

  • If a moderator determines that you have broken any of the Rules set out above, the moderator will determine how significant the breach is.
  • If the moderator determines it is appropriate to do so, you will be given either a formal or an informal warning. It will be clearly marked whether the warning is formal or informal.
  • You are only allowed three formal warnings. If you receive more than three formal warnings you will be banned from the Website, the Forum, the Groups and also Instant Messenger. You will not be permitted to create an alternative or ghost User Account. If you do, that User Account will also be banned.
  • All decisions made by moderators are final.
  • Contact details for our moderators can be found