Tax in Australia – Applying for a Tax File Number

While living in Australia, if you are earning money – through government benefits or otherwise – you will need to obtain an Australian Tax File Number and pay tax in Australia. You can apply for a Tax File Number through the Australian Tax Office’s (“ATO”) website, using your passport and the details of the visa you arrived with.

You can only be issued one Tax File Number by the ATO, so make sure you look after it!

You will need to file an Individual Tax Return with the ATO at the end of every financial year (1 July to 30 June). You have until mid-October to file your tax return, or if you are using an accountant, they can file your tax return until May the following year.

If you have paid more tax during the financial year than you need to be taxed, the ATO will refund to you the difference. If you have paid less tax during the financial year than you need to be taxed, you will owe the ATO a debt. In general, most people will receive a tax refund if they have had tax deducted correctly from their income throughout the year.


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