Published 31/03/2020


Are the borders shut?

Ordinary residents & New Zealand Citizens are able to return to New Zealand.

Learn more here: NZ Border Information Covid-19

Considering moving back to New Zealand?

Covid 19 Opinion from our Director/Founder Mark Berger (Opinion Only)

For many years we have predominately been providing products, services and huge amounts of information for you and your whanau to enjoy a better quality of life when living in or moving to Australia. An example of this would be, this website that you are currently on is the fourth largest employment engine in Australia with over 90,000 job listings.

Almost all of our products and services have been based around our community adopting a ‘preventative’ mind set when living abroad.

We specialise in assisting Kiwis in Australia with a wide range of solutions & have done for many years with our team.

The term ‘Kiwis in Australia’ is very broad – We have…

  • Kiwis that own mining companies
  • Kiwis with multiple businesses
  • Kiwis that own 3 or 4 houses
  • Kiwis that are in full time work
  • Kiwis in part time or casual employment
  • Kiwis with kids and kiwis without
  • Kiwis with heaps of resources

The New Zealand Govt the other morning, issued a warning to NZ Citizens that are ‘Traveling’ to seriously consider returning home to NZ.

The Covid-19 situation has more than isolation periods for you to consider.

Most countries with large amounts of cases, that are also in state of emergencies are enforcing lockdown protocols. Lockdowns are when streets, malls, shops and socialising is limited and restricted.

Let’s discuss how you would determine if you should consider coming home to NZ or not, and explore what action you could or should consider taking.

Do you have, or are you...?

  • Covered by the Job Keeper subsidy.
  • Have you contacted your ex employer? In which they have said no to re hiring you.
  • Renting or own a home.
  • Have private health insurance.
  • Have income protection insurance.
  • Have savings in the bank.
  • Are you a citizen or on protected or unprotected SCV.
  • Have children or dependants.
  • Have high debts to service.
  • Access to the super packages or not.

If you are not covered by the Job Keeper subsidy, have children, have no savings, have debt, no assets, no job, no super access, you do not have any insurance and are renting you should absolutely be sitting the whanau down and having a serious discussion.

You need to either apply some action ‘listed below’ or consider coming home to NZ even though you will need to isolate for 14 days. Then oblige to the current lockdown rules.

Covid 19 could last 3 months/6 months or longer.

You can start by actioning the following...

  • Call your debtors and negotiate smaller payments
  • Set up a meeting with your employer and discuss what is installed for your employment and pay cycles
  • Call your real-estate agent
  • Start a budget and plan to have 8 weeks rent aside 8 weeks food money aside
  • Plan the children’s needs, medicines or medical treatments nappies etc
  • Call your insurance companies and assess your options
  • Consider your options to secure some funds

If you do not have the means to provide for your family over the coming months, please take some form of action to ensure you are safe and well looked after at this time.



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