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Moving to a new home can be incredibly exciting but with all that is required, stressful too. The potential for stress reaches a whole new level when you are moving overseas.

Not only are you heading off into the unknown, but you have the added challenge of packing up all your worldly possessions for safe transportation. The hunt then begins for an affordable, experienced removal and shipping option, the best way to transport everything, and how to deal with complex regulations and paperwork that comes with clearing your household effects in a new country.

With our help, you can kiss your worries goodbye as well as your old address. 

We will help you through each step of the process to ensure everything goes just as it should. The only tears we want you crying are goodbye ones with your family and friends and happy ones when you arrive at your new home!

Interstate Removals

Helping you move around Australia.

If you are moving interstate and require a reputable moving company to ensure your possessions arrive safely and on-time, then we have found you the perfect choice.

Their interstate moving methods meet the guidelines stipulated by AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association). These standards include a no ride-sharing policy or backloading. This guarantees your items will not be transported in vehicles owned by other companies. It further assures that your possessions will not be transported in the same space as goods not belonging to you. These procedures have been devised to significantly decrease the possibility of your items being lost, damaged, or delayed, to almost zero.

Our partners understand that moving long distances increase the risk of furniture being damaged during transit. Hence, they only use their most qualified men to conduct interstate removalist work. More importantly, unlike backloading removalists, they ensure that the same men that loaded your belongings will be the same men that unload them.

Relocating interstate can be challenging, so for more information regarding moving regionally, we’d be more than happy to offer our time and suggestions in order to help.

Moving Around NZ

Helping you move around New Zealand.

Moving house is stressful enough, even without shifting to a whole new town, city or island!

With a million things to think about, you just need someone who knows exactly how to get you and all your belongings (yes even the family pet)  to your destination.

Removal companies should put you first, not offer cookie cutter packages that don’t fit your needs.

Our partners give you the tailor-made, responsive and efficient service you need to make your move straightforward.

Vehicle Relocations

Cars, boats, motorbikes, caravans… you name it, they ship it.

When it comes to shipping your vehicle, you have two options…

  1. Roll on Roll Off (RORO)
  2. Container

There is often confusion about exactly what roll on roll off shipping is and how the process works.

The best way to think of a Roll on, Roll off vessel is like a huge underground floating carpark. Vehicles are driven up a ramp and on to one of the many decks of the vessel. All vehicles are then secured from four points with lashing straps to ensure they are secure for transit.

Often people have an image in their mind of an open-air barge or a ferry, this is not the case. The cargo is not exposed to the elements in any way and modern Roll on, Roll off shipping is a very cheap and safe method of international transport.

If you don’t like the idea of RORO, simply enquire about shipping your vehicle in a container.

Local Moving & Hourly Rate

Need a hand moving down the road?.

With a variety of different van and truck sizes, our partners can cater to all your moving needs. We will provide you with a competitive quote based on the amount of property you need moved.

Even better, is you get 2+ men to help you with all the lifting.


Air or sea freight, what’s the best option for you?.

Air freight is a quick, efficient, and safe way to relocate goods to and from any corner of the globeSeems like a no brainer! 

Things to consider when choosing to air freight:

  • Speed – Get your goods from A to B in a small time frame
  • Predictability – You will be able to accurately predict when your goods will reach their destination
  • Tricky Locations – This comes in handy when sending goods to a landlocked country
  • Flexibility – Planes are much more frequent than cargo ships
  • Security – Airports tend to have strict security controls and carefully manage all cargo

Sea freight is the most commonly used shipping method in the world. It’s affordable and reliable.

Things to consider when choosing sea freight:

  • Lower Price – using a cargo ship is usually the most affordable shipping option
  • Low Carbon Footprint – A cargo ship is one of the most eco efficient way to ship goods
  • Plenty of Space – The average cargo ship can carry around 18,000 containers! That’s roomy.


A range of storage solutions available.

Our partners have an abundance of convenient storage solutions available, catering to various requirements. Our range of options includes; self-storage, taxi-box storage, budget storage, short-term storage and long-term storage, all within purpose-built facilities.

With thousands of residential moves a year, a large portion of our storage options are catered to people moving home. For instance, if you’ve just bought or sold a property and have a settlement, the overnight, storage for moving home option may be the right choice. Alternatively, you may be looking to downsize, so a secure self-storage facility with 24-hour access may be appropriate. Those moving overseas indefinitely may be after our cheap storage options or even our secure long-term, budget storage.

Packing & Unpacking

Need a team to help you pack and unpack your goods?.

For the complete home relocation experience, our partners can assist with the packing of your breakables and smaller items, prior to moving day.

Their experienced staff are proficient in the art of removal packing, using a range of materials in a manner that’s efficient and safe from the risky conditions of moving home.

For a more difficult removal packing service, that’s catered more towards complex, delicate or valuable items, we have staff capable of building custom crates and boxes to ensure safe transit for these items, all to international packing standards.

Moving Materials

A range of materials to rent or buy.

Our partners have a range of boxes and materials for you to rent or buy to enable you to be move ready.

  • Plastic boxes
  • Variety of cardboard boxes in different sizes
  • Bubble wrap box & dispenser
  • Butchers paper
  • Clear tape roll
  • Tape guns
  • Mattress covers
  • Port-a-robes

Disclaimer: NZRelo outsources shipping services to its partners to complete and obtain quotes. All shipping is provided by the company in which quote you accept. NZRelo is not held liable for any damage/s to your goods being shipped, delays in shipping or any loss you may suffer from shipping your goods.


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