Air or sea freight, what’s the best option for you?

Air freight is a quick, efficient, and safe way to relocate goods to and from any corner of the globeSeems like a no brainer! 

Things to consider when choosing to air freight:

  • Speed – Get your goods from A to B in a small time frame
  • Predictability – You will be able to accurately predict when your goods will reach their destination
  • Tricky Locations – This comes in handy when sending goods to a landlocked country
  • Flexibility – Planes are much more frequent than cargo ships
  • Security – Airports tend to have strict security controls and carefully manage all cargo

Sea freight is the most commonly used shipping method in the world. It’s affordable and reliable.

Things to consider when choosing sea freight:

  • Lower Price – using a cargo ship is usually the most affordable shipping option
  • Low Carbon Footprint – A cargo ship is one of the most eco efficient way to ship goods
  • Plenty of Space – The average cargo ship can carry around 18,000 containers! That’s roomy.

Disclaimer: NZRelo outsources shipping services to its partners to complete and obtain quotes. All shipping is provided by the company in which quote you accept. NZRelo is not held liable for any damage/s to your goods being shipped, delays in shipping or any loss you may suffer from shipping your goods.


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