Working in Australia - What is Responsible Service of Alcohol?

Working in Australia – What is Responsible Service of Alcohol?

To work a job that involves the handling or service of alcohol, or in a licensed venue in Australia, you will need to complete a Responsible Service of Alcohol (“RSA”) training course which will familiarise you with the laws in relation to alcohol. If you do not obtain an RSA, you will not be able to serve alcohol. If you are looking for employment in the hospitality industry this is a necessity.

  1. Tricia Eadie 5 years ago

    I have worked in the pub, club and nightclub industry for ova 22 years u need your dad for any licenced venue that serves alcohol which also includes restaurants but also with the pub and club’s u also need your RCG which is your responsible certificate of gaming without both you will not be even looked at in NEW for the pubs or clubs also if you work in Sydney’s CBD there is also another course which u have to do cause of the lock out laws. When u get into a pub or club they will also pay for your TAB basics training which allows you to operate the TAB and also keno

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