It’s a simple question however it’s the first place to start.

Public Property is the tour operator of the first time home buyer space and we are experts in guiding our clients through the doorway into home ownership.

You are fully incharge of “owning your home”, we always ask are you ready?

And when you say “yes”  it’s only then can we help you.

Our first consultation is getting to know you and your family, the home you want, area and everything that makes this important to you becomes important to us.

We need to do your borrowing capacity first. It gives us confidence in selecting the right home, builder, package, area and land for you. We would all be flying blind without your numbers.

There are two requirements when we go looking for your home. Firstly it’s the land, “land is king!”

Every land estate has independent land agents. The land agents have their own requirements and urgencies around land sales and contract signing.

We manage all of those expectations for you and will give you the details of what’s required from you when we present your house and land package.

In some areas lands sells really fast, particularly great land estates, we might only get a few days to consider a package and that will be due to the land agents pressures, not ours. The better the land estate the greater the pressure to secure the land and it’s a “great indication that we have the right land estate for you”.

We only work with a handful of builders. We have vetted them, checked their work and longevity in the Australian market and as such we are happy to recommend them to our clients.

Our homes are fixed price and full turn key. That means everything from the fences, driveways and blinds have been included and you can purchase with confidence.

We ensure you the purchaser gets to visit our builders display or homes that have been completed. It’s important that you have a feel for what you’re purchasing.

We will try to offer you two packages that have been created especially for you and your family.  We use your wish list and borrowing capacity to create the perfect home.

We always endeavour to create the perfect home package as we balance budget, land and house size.

Our builders all offer colour options, up to 4 external and 4 internal (may vary depending on developer) and there is always an option to upgrade other luxury items to the home.

We don’t recommend large plan alterations as it will increase the asking price of the home.


We won’t start working with you until you are ready to purchase.  Once you’re working with us it will take a few days to get your borrowing capacity and it can take up to 3 weeks to find the right land estate and package your home. Due to the land agents and their urgencies you’ll have a few days to decide if you want to proceed.

Some of your purchasers will take years for the land to title, don’t worry we will be with you all the way through to settlement.


When we source your land, you will need to pay a reservation fee to the land owner or agent of the land owner. It is usually a minimum of $1,000 to reserve the land. This money is refundable if you choose not to proceed.  The reservation fee will allow you time too check out the land and for the contracts to be prepared.


When the land contract is signed, you may be required to pay a deposit to the land agent, this can vary between 5% and 10% of the sale price.

If your property purchase is subject to finance and you don’t get approved, the deposit monies will be refunded.


Our advantage is that if you have a shortfall in your deposit we create offerings for you, by either negotiating with the builder or the land agent to create a rebate or price reduction and we have unique purchasing strategies and smart money people get you into your first home

This amount can also vary however on average it’s about 5% of the purchase price.

You will need to have a lawyer or conveyancer to assist you through the workings of the land contract. The conveyancers job is to protect you by looking through your land contract and advising you.

You can hire a conveyancer or lawyer to read your build contract.

We reach a point when we start to ask questions of the builders and land owners, all of this is done in writing and is done to ensure you have a written catalogue of your purchase and the terms of that purchase. You will be notified in writing to all and any news pertaining to your property purchase.

When you purchase the house and land package and the land is titled or titling in three months we make the purchase “subject to finance” and we do that so the bank can check everything over for you, like the property valuation and your ability to borrow.

The first milestone is unconditional of finance. This means finance has been agreed to.

Then there’s land settlement. As soon as land settlement happens the builder and his team will start the process of getting your home underway. You will receive you first invoice for the slab payment and you make those payments directly from your account to the builder.

There are no dumb questions, this is a property purchase and you get to ask us as many questions as you have.

We negotiate on behalf of our purchasers with a view to create a rebate, discount or cash on settlement. It varies and is dependable on the developer, land developers and builders. However we make it our mission to have you feel like you got a win.

It’s my name on the door, I am here to help you and so is my team. Text, email or call, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone, we want your experience to be flawless.

We are not Google and we don’t want to be Google.

Google is designed to offer you alot of information all at once. There will be other homes online, they will come with grab prices and enticements.

We recommend that if you want to use Google, use Google, but don’t use us.  Our time is limited and our aim is to help as many families as possible, you can have access to my 20+ years of experience and my lenders, brokers, lawyers or you can parachute through Google, but you can’t do both.

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