New Zealand’s most declined baby name of 2023 revealed by Internal Affairs


New Zealand’s most declined baby name of 2023 revealed by Internal Affairs

Last year’s most popular baby names in New Zealand were recently revealed, now it’s time for the most declined names of 2023.

Where Noah and Charlotte topped the popular list last year, Prince was the most often declined by the Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages, according to Te Tari Taiwhenua Department of Internal Affairs.

The department said that for the previous 13 years, King was the most declined name. A total of 64 registrations were declined last year.

It’s no surprise that the names are commonly denied.

While parents are given mostly free rein when it comes to naming their little bundle of joy, New Zealand does have strict guidelines to ensure no offence is taken, they are a reasonable length and they do not represent an official title or rank.

If parents present a name that doesn’t meet the criteria for any of the given reasons, it is escalated to the Registrar-General who allows the parents to express their reasoning and then makes a decision on a case-by-case basis and considers whether it meets the statutory criteria.

“Names are a gift, and they are an important part of a person’s identity. We encourage parents to think about their child and how they might feel about their name later in life,” says the Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Russell Burnard.

“When a name is in review, we give parents the opportunity to present the reasoning for the name. Then we make a decision, considering the balance of how the name may be perceived by the public and the department’s obligations under the law.”

Other names that have been declined include Bishop, Major, Princess, Fanny, and Kingkillah – all of which were proposed less than five times last year.

The Registrar-General suggests that when parents are naming their newborn, they should stay away from numeric characters or symbols, avoid names that may be seen as offensive, and limit the name to 70 characters or less.

Names declined in 2023

  1. Prince – proposed five times
  2. Bishop – proposed three times
  3. III – proposed three times
  4. King – proposed three times
  5. Major – proposed three times
  6. Royal – proposed three times
  7. Messiah – proposed two times
  8. Princess – proposed two times
  9. Prynce – proposed two times
  10. Rogue – proposed two times
  11. Royale – proposed two times
  12. Sovereign – proposed two times
  13. AazyahRoyaal – proposed one time
  14. Captain – proposed one time
  15. Chief – proposed one time
  16. Empress – proposed one time
  17. Fanny – proposed one time
  18. Isis – proposed one time
  19. Jairah-King – proposed one time
  20. JP – proposed one time
  21. Judge – proposed one time
  22. Justice – proposed one time
  23. Justus – proposed one time
  24. KC – proposed one time
  25. Kiing – proposed one time
  26. Kingkillah – proposed one time
  27. Knight – proposed one time
  28. Leonidas-king – proposed one time
  29. Masai-King – proposed one time
  30. MissTaunese- proposed one time
  31. Nepher-ISIS – proposed one time
  32. Notoriety – proposed one time
  33. Pope – proposed one time
  34. Princess-Penina – proposed one time
  35. Pryncè – proposed one time
  36. Queen – proposed one time
  37. Rhoyael – proposed one time
  38. Royaal – proposed one time
  39. Royalty – proposed one time
  40. Royalty-Reign – proposed one time
  41. Saint-Liivoja – proposed one time
  42. Sovereign-Kash – proposed one time
  43. XIX – proposed one time


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