All your questions about transferring your Australian superannuation to a New Zealand KiwiSaver fund answered.

If you are unsure who your Australian Superannuation fund provider is, contact the Australian Tax Office (ATO) online using MyGov or call their super search phone line on (+61) 13 28 65 . You can find more information here

Unfortunately you cannot use your Australian Super for a first home.  The Australian rules are very strict and forbid this.  The only permissible uses for your first home are retirement or financial hardship.

No – you are able to withdraw the Australian Super component of your KiwiSaver from the age of 60, similar to if you were to leave your super with your Australian provider.

Depending on your provider, it can take anywhere from 2- 4 months for the transfer to take affect.

Whilst we believe it is always best to contribute to your retirement on an ongoing basis, you are not obligated to maintain contributions.  You can go on a contribution holiday at any point in time by asking your employer and this will stop KiwiSaver from being deducted from your KiwiSaver.

Unfortunately New Zealand does not have any tax deductions for KiwiSaver contributions.  Contributions are taxed at normal PAYE rates.  Though if you contribute up to $1,042 annually, you can qualify for up to $521 per year of Government contributions each year.

Australian superannuation funds may provide life cover, total and permanent disability insurance and income protection insurance. The premiums are paid from the scheme. Insurance is not offered within KiwiSaver schemes. If your Australian superannuation includes these benefits, you need to be aware:

  • if you transfer to KiwiSaver any cover you have may lapse;
  • if circumstances of your health have changed since your original insurance commenced there may be implications on new insurance; and
  • if you require replacement insurance this should be in place before you transfer to ensure continuity of your cover

No there are no costs involved.  Your KiwiSaver will transfer over at the exchange rate on the day the transfer takes affect.


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