How PIS Works

The Personal Import Scheme Explained (New Zealand Edition)

If you’ve taken a look at the Australian government’s information on the Personal Import Scheme and concluded that it’s like playing 3-D chess, you’re certainly not alone. As we often tell our customers: if it was easy to do, we would be out of a job! Our role is to make the process as pain-free as possible, so you can focus on more important aspects of your move, like making sure you don’t ‘accidentally’ leave the kids with their grandparents when you board the plane.

The basic premise of the Personal Import Scheme is that people often love their cars and want to bring them along when they move to Australia. If you’re a NZ citizen who falls into that category, chances are you will be eligible. If you don’t fit that particular scenario, the Personal Import Scheme is one of many different pathways through which vehicles can be imported into the country. If your vehicle is over 25 years old, for example, it will usually be fine to bring over. If you have a race car and have dreams of doing some laps of Bathurst in it, that should be ok too.

Even if you think a car is ‘just something to get me from A to B’, you may want to check on prices of used cars in Australia before ruling out the idea of importing your car – just make sure you’re sitting down first! Many vehicle importers do so because it saves them thousands of dollars over selling and buying another car in Oz.


‘Can I bring my car in? Is it worth doing it?’
The best way to know for sure is to get in touch with us, and we can give you some advice before you outlay any money.

Other Vehicle Import Pathways

Classic Vehicle Scheme

If your vehicle is over 25 years old (calculated from the build month) and isn’t too heavily modified, then congratulations, you’re back in the game! Where possible, we will use this pathway for older vehicles rather than the PIS because of the reduced paperwork required.

Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme

For newer vehicles, the eligibility criteria start to tighten up a fair bit if you’re not eligible for the PIS. As a basic rule, certain makes, models and variants will qualify for SEVS if they weren’t sold new in Australia by the manufacturer. If you’re not sure whether your car qualifies, get in touch with us and we can advise.

Race/Rally Scheme

If you have a history of competing in motorsport, chances are you can bring over your car through this scheme, particularly if it is heavily modified. The downside is that, as a general rule, these vehicles can’t be registered for road use.

There are a few other pathways, but they are mostly intended for temporary importation. Feel free to contact us if you’re not sure where your scenario fits with the relevant importing options.

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