Health Entitlements for New Zealanders

Health Entitlements for New Zealanders

New Zealand citizens living permanently in Australia are eligible for Medicare provided they can prove they have entered Australia long-term or permanently and can supply 100 points of proof of their identity. In order to prove that they live in Australia long-term or permanently, New Zealanders need to produce documents such as a purchase or lease agreement for a property, gas/electricity accounts in the same name or an employment contract you will also need to sign a statutory declaration and have it witnessed by a Justice of the Peace (most pharmacists can do this).

New Zealand citizens and permanent residents of New Zealand who hold a Returning Residents Visa are entitled to receive free emergency treatment at an Australian public hospital under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement between New Zealand and Australia. Under the Agreement their pharmaceutical needs may also be subsidised, but there may be charges for some services, such as ambulance transport.

For further information contact Medicare Australia on 13 20 11.

New Zealanders who are not eligible for Medicare or assistance under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement have to pay all out-of-hospital costs; for example doctor’s visits, ambulances, dental care, medical evacuation to New Zealand, treatment in private hospitals, treatment that is elective or not immediately necessary and funerals, as well as the full cost of all pharmaceuticals. The New Zealand High Commission in Canberra recommends that New Zealanders obtain medical insurance before travelling to Australia, to cover these costs.

  1. DoraLee Tapara 6 years ago

    Is there any kiwi support groups in South East Melbourne, Victoria for people with Cancer?

  2. Vj 2 years ago

    Hi There,
    did you manage to gather information about people with cancer?
    I am NZer planning to move to AUS with existing Kidney cancer recurrences , will australian health system treat me and look after health care if I have job there and pay taxes?

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