How Kiwis Living in Australia Secure Accommodation


Most rental accommodation in Australia is rented through a Real Estate Agency!

A Real Estate Agency does not own the property but acts on behalf of the owner by employing a manager of the property, called a Property Manager, to organise the new tenants, ensure all the paperwork and legal documents are taken care of, arrange regular property inspections and organise for any problems with the property to be fixed.

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Renting in Australia – Ending A Lease
Renting in Australia – Ending A Lease When you end a lease the agent will inspect the property and compare the current condition against the Condition Report you returned to...
Renting Upfront Costs
Renting Upfront Costs Initial upfront costs will be your Bond PLUS two weeks rent. Rent is paid in advance, more commonly every two weeks, but it can be four weeks...
Renting in Australia- Rent Increases
Renting in Australia- Rent Increases The rent is likely to be increased over time so consider renting something that isn’t at the top end of you spending level. Each state...
Renting in Australia – How It Works
Renting in Australia How It Works The Property Manager will hand over the rental applications to the landlord for them to make the final decision as to who lives in...
Renting in Australia – Pros & Cons
Advantages of Renting in Australia Flexibility You can choose who you want to share accommodation with, where you live and can easily move at the end of the lease without...
Buying A House in Australia
Buying A House in Australia Yes – Kiwis living in Australia can absolutely purchase a house here! As a New Zealand citizen you are allowed to live and work in...


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