Carer Visas

Carer Visas for Kiwis in Australia

Carer visas are available to people who need to come to Australia to care for a relative with a permanent medical condition who needs support/care from another person.  To obtain a carer’s visa, your relative must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, have a certified medical condition that means they cannot manage on their own, and have no other family in Australia that can assist them. To obtain this visa, the relative requiring care or their spouse will need to sponsor you.

Carer visas in Australia are “capped” at a certain number every year (for all applicants, not just Kiwis), which means that your application may not be accepted or processed until more visas become available.

There are many types of visas available in Australia and their requirements change quite frequently, a professional opinion will be able to assist you in finding the quickest path to permanent residency for you.  And, since permanent visa applications can be costly and take ages, a Registered Migration Agent can help you avoid having your application rejected.  Remember you do not get a refund if you complete the wrong visa application.


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