Renting in Australia - Before You Arrive in Oz

Most rental accommodation in Australia is rented through a Real Estate Agency!
A Real Estate Agency does not own the property but acts on behalf of the owner by employing a manager of the property, called a Property Manager, to organise the new tenants, ensure all the paperwork and legal documents are taken care of, arrange regular property inspections and organise for any problems with the property to be fixed.

Renting in Australia – Before You Arrive in Oz

Prior to departing New Zealand, it is highly recommended that you arrange and book some type of accommodation for a minimum of four weeks. You will need to allow enough time for you to find employment, acquire a bank account, source a mode of transport and be successful in gaining a residential lease – four weeks won’t allow you any time to waste. Depending on the rental market at the time, you might be able to apply for rental properties from New Zealand before you leave, however you will need to have a friend who is able to physically visit the property on your behalf. If you plan to look for accommodation when you arrive, consider staying in a holiday apartment or house as they can be cheaper than staying in motels and are also a good way of determining if you like and want to live in an area.

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